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Rockwood & Hines Group is the largest China-based, European-controlled glass factory and bottler for the premium spirits market, globally.  We have a wealth of experience in glass bottle production and specialise in custom bottle design and manufacturing of extra-clear super flint glass.

From new bottle developments to delivering finished products, our range of services is broad and can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual client.

Based in China, we are able to operate at unrivalled speed of 90 days + shipping time.  We also provide a considerable production cost advantage over our overhead-heavy competitors in Europe and the USA.

Some words from company CEO

Meet our CEO, Henri Berthe

"U.S. entrepreneurs from the Wines & Spirits industry come to see us looking for solutions. In Europe and the USA, private moulds cost more than US$25,000, while in China, for the same mold, we charge only US$3,500.  Additionally, western companies require large volumes to produce these custom bottles, while in China we attract brands whose requirements are as little as 20,000 bottles, delivered within a few weeks, providing great quality, quickly, at affordable prices.

This is great news for the spirits industry that has always been controlled by the large groups.  Now smaller sized companies and start-ups can put all their creativity into conceiving exceptional packaging and compete with the major brands dominating the market. This is a revolution in the alcohol business! Consumers will benefit from lower prices resulting from lower production costs.  Besides, distribution networks welcome new, modern and daring packaging."


Vodka brands are marketed on via their presentation as much as on the quality of Vodka itself.  Brands are constantly exploring and new innovative bottle designs to make their products stand out on the shelf.  Rockwood have helped numerous companies develop their bottle by bringing their design ideas to life and beyond into mass production.  They also have a broad portfolio of decorative techniques and are able to achieve the most demanding of spirits bottle packagings. 

They now mass produce vodka bottles for clients in over 25 countries.

Brandy and Cognac

Brandy & Cognac are the flagship categories in the spirits sector commanding the very best in extra-flint glass and in some cases, crystal.  As well as being made from high-clarity

Rockwood and Hines Glass manufacturer is aware of the need of originality of The Brandy Alcohol is a high quality alcohol that arises with wine distilling. Most of our clients ask Rockwood to produce Brandy bottles because they want to call on a company capable of manufacturing unique bottles of well known alcohol, providing high quality, at unrivalled speed.

Brandy alcohol is usually composed of 35 to 40% alcohol per volume. Sometimes, some Brandy spirit bottles may reach over 60%. Within Rockwood expert team, we use to say that Brandy alcohol is extraordinary spirit, strongly linked with French inspiration. Rockwood is the first glass bottle manufacturer in China and we intend to remain first.

Specialty bottles

Rockwood and Hines Glass manufacturer is aware of the need of originality of companies today.

That's why we try our best to satisfy clients asking us to produce such bottles as snake bottle, grenade or explosive shape bottle. Our expertise in the field of design enables us to manufacture perfect skull glass bottles, or even machine gun, sub-machine gun bottles.

You can ask us the bottle of your choice. Our team of expert will tell you if current technologies and production cost are consistent regarding your project. Here are listed samples pictures of what we are able to manufacture within unrivaled speed.

Call us now - Send us email to be informed learn more about our eccentric bottles.

Caps and Corks

Caps and corks are important part of our work. Closure is a part of your bottle that preserve the quality of your product. This is a key design element, on which you must focus to make sure your final product will be unforgettable. To do so, we use a large variety of screw caps, lug caps, swing caps, crowns and others. As the bottles we produce, closure are fully customizable. 

Gifts boxes

What could be more rewarding than to please your best customer offering one of your most beautiful gift bottle ?

Gift bottles are used to please friends, family member but also clients if you own a company. Select one of our unforgettable gift. Rockwood and Hines is a bottle manufacturer in China but also gift bottles producer. Our company is aware that cabinet of your bottles is at least as important as the bottle itself. That's why Rockwood struggle designing the perfect design for your custom made gift bottle.

Here a a few example of what Rockwood can manufacture. Don't hesitate to call us / send us email if you need some complementary information.

Antique bottles

In the past few years, antique custom made bottles have been strongly sought after by the producers of diverse alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol producers, bars and restaurants give a strong preference to antique bottles due to the number of advantages, as they can be used not only as an eye catching decor object but also as a vibrant and resonating serving device.

Rockwood is a european china based company, doing custom made bottles at competitive prices. We work with 24 countries worldwide. Within our clients, we learnt the great interest they had toward antique custom bottles.

Rockwood & Hines revives antique bottles in its nostalgic antique bottle collection available now! Classic design has always been popular among consumers of various age categories and preferences, as classic style is never influenced by neither trends nor fads in the market and remains constant.

The design of our bottles is reminiscent of an antique look bottles, in other words we offer our clients to buy a piece of history.

Yet at an affordable price.Our antique bottles can be customized to your requirements with your brand name and logo, combining classical look with a modern content, thus, giving more history and significance to your product.


Rockwood & Hines Glass LTD. is capable of producing bottles of any shapes and sizes starting from 50 ml and above.

The miniature bottles usually carry a capacity of 50ml, 100ml and 200ml. Production of miniatures has become extremely affordable with us, due to the low and flexible requirements. 

Rockwood sets the lowest MOQ requirements for miniature bottles in the glass bottle industry with only 10,000 bottles per run for Super Flint glass mini bottles with up to 10 mm glass slug at the bottom.

In addition, we can apply any decoration, supply caps, corks and everything else you might need to make your complete bottle. 

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