Lighter weight glass bottles

Glass bottles are slowly coming back on the market as a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles. Glass bottles also don't alter taste. Coke lovers will always say that Coke tastes better in a Glass Bottle than in plastic bottles or a can... 

A UK glass manufacturer has just been able to create a lighter Coke bottle. A 330ml capacity that weighs only 190gr thus 26% lighter than its former version in 2005. The new bottle has all the same attributes in terms of look, design and strength. 

At Rockwood Glass we also strive to keep bottles as lightweight as possible. It is a process that is evolving slowly with new manufacturing techniques and innovations every year. 

A lightweight bottle has many advantages for the seller and the final consumer as well as for Mother Earth:

  1. less glass used, less weight = cheaper bottle cost to manufacture thus reflecting on buying and selling price
  2. less shipping weight in containers, therefore less power/gas needed for transportation and more cargo on one same ship for the same weight transported
  3. less heavy for consumers to buy and carry home
  4. less material used to create the bottle, better for nature, 100% recyclable too

So when requesting a design for your new bottle or a redesign of your existing bottle, don't forget to ask us at Rockwood Glass about a light weight bottle and how we can help reduce cost to you by improving the design of your extra light weight glass bottle. 


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