Rockwood Glass is a global leader in packaging solutions for perfume glass bottles. We offer a one stop solution at Rockwood Glass allowing you to design, create, and manufacturer a completely finalized product ranging from the perfume glass bottle of course, to the cap, and including of course the spray pump, and any dedicated ancillaries for decoration, gift box and shipping cartons. If you are looking to manufacture other products than perfume glass bottles, like for example glass jars for cosmetic creams that is also possible with Rockwood Glass. Our complete range of perfume bottles, with over 500 private molds offers one of the largest choices worldwide. Rockwood Glass perfume bottle manufacturer in China will supply a complete and finished packaging solution, including computer tooling for the most sophisticated mold.

Rockwood Glass is a glass perfume bottle manufacturer in China first and foremost but we also decorate your bottle with any techique you prefer like silk printing, hot stamping printing, spray paint either partial or complete, frosting and see through windows. Anything is possible, just design your perfume glass bottle with our expert team of French designers or provide us with your design from your own agency, and we take care of the rest.

In the glass perfume manufacturer business in China it is diffult to find good manufacturers for all the other accessories needed for your perfume glass bottle. Rockwood Glass has done the work for you and after several years of research, trials and failed or succesful partnership. Our clients are now delighted with the final quality of the products we supply and we have long time partnerships with the best experienced factories in China that can supply caps in glass, plastic, metal alloy, precious alloy metal. They also supply us with pumps of the highest quality based on European standards and specs garanteeing long term use by the final customer using your perfume glass bottle or cosmetic jars.

Rockwood Glass has found a way to combine European management and experience with the Chinese efficiency in manufacturing process. You can therefore benefit from cost effective services, fast and flexible production with top quality zero defect glass bottles.

With both full automatic lines and semi-automatic perfume glass bottle manufacturing in China, Rockwood Glass can produce runs from 80 000 bottles to over 1 million bottles per order. All this in just 45 days. We are the largest perfume glass bottle manufacturer in China with 16 furnaces, 12 fully automated lines, and 10 semi-automatic lines. Our glass manufacturing factory is located near Shanghai, China.

Many recognized European and American brands have chosen to produce with us already. We export to major companies in the USA, Europe, South America, Japan, Asia and Middle East.

What sells your perfume brand ?

A perfume needs to have a nice fragrance so that it pleases the final consumer of course and that they feel good. But what many don’t realise is that the bottle design itself is what makes them choose one bottle over another before smelling its fragrance. A perfume glass bottle must stand out from the very crowded shelves in stores like Sephora. Each one must look unique and catchy so that the the consumer tries it and smells it. They have to look not only fragrant but also have to imply the feeling of being elegant, alluring, fresh, and delicious

So today perfume glass bottle designers have to be very creative, think outside the box and create a bottle that sells and also looks good in someone’s bathroom. If it can be a trophy or decorative item as well at home, this is even more appealing.

At Rockwood Glass we believe that you must spend as much or even more time in creating the perfect design for your perfume glass bottle than developping the perfume’s fragrance. Keep in mind, a perfume is often a gift to someone we don’t know personal tastes of fragrances for. Therefore if your bottle looks amazing it is more likely to sell as it will please the person it is given to. Buyers are half way to purchasing the perfume before they even smell it. The type of perfume along with a creative display provide a special attraction to people. We try to make our perfume glass bottles so that they don’t just appeal to the consumer’s tastes but especially create a special feeling of enjoyment with anyone that sees it.