Cartons and Gift boxes

Cartons and gift boxes are the final touch that makes your product a real finalised brand ready to market. Once your glass bottle design is finalised and while during the 90 days it takes for the mould and bottle production to takes place, we work closely with you and your marketing team to create the perfect shipping cartons designed to match your bottle and its label. These shipping cartons can be used to ship from our factory your bottles, allowing you to then fill your bottles and reuse the carton for distribution later once your product is ready for sale. This avoids handy work on your end where it usually takes time and a lot of hands to build the carton, whereas in China it costs so much less to have this done.

At Rockwood Glass manufacturers we take good care in selecting our partners for carton manufacturing and the materials we use for the cartons allows for no problems during transit in the container and then during the filling process in your factory followed by distribution in shops. We use thick cardboard, with 3 colored paint for your design and branding, and top it off with a special varnish that is non scratchable. Thus the carton looks as new as it can be once you get it into the shops that are usually delighted to be able to use them for marketing purposes of your brand as well.

We also supply other display products like gift boxes, counter top displays and more. Everything is customized to your needs, your budget and your brand and style. We have seen and done many of these and always help you see the extra value of such additional marketing products.

Cartons and gifts boxes are especially important for high end brands in today's competitve market. It is what makes the difference between two great looking glass bottles. A consumer will always prefer an amazing bottle, filled with a good product, that is presented in a classy way with its cartons and gift boxes.

Don't hesitate to request more information on cartons and gift boxes or any other marketing accessories you may need. 

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