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Glass Bottle Manufacturer China

Rockwood Glass is the largest glass bottle manufacturer in China. We have found a way to combine European management and experience with the Chinese efficiency in manufacturing process. You can therefore benefit from cost effective services, fast and flexible production with top quality zero defect glass bottles. 

Glass moulds for bottles and jars

Now that your glass jar or glass bottle is designed and ready to be manufactured, the first step is to create a special CAD/CAM file from the technical drawing that you approved. This is done by an engineer designer.

Glass jar manufacturer – cosmetics and personal care

In today’s world, consumers are looking for healthy and eco-friendly products. The food industry was the first to start adapting to these new trends and requests. Now the cosmetic and personal care industry is also considering the benefits of more healthy and eco-friendly products for the end consumer and for the planet.

Food Glass jar manufacturer China

Today final consumers are looking for a better and more healthy and ecological way of living. Buying food in glass jars and glass containers is one of the first and easiest options there is.

There are several reasons that push consumers to buy food in glass jars and glass containers:



When you are starting to think about creating your own brand, you usually run into a big financial issue: the cost of the mold for your custom made bottle. While in the western world, the initial cost of a custom mould can be financially discouraging, there are advantageous solutions in China.  

In Europe or the United States, the average cost of a mold is usually over $35 000 and the minimum order quantity or MOQ is quite large for a start up company. It therefore puts off a lot of new brands that could really have a potential of success on the market.

Introduction to cost-efficient bottle design

Spirit companies continue to explore ever-daring and inventive packaging to enhance shelf-visibility and increase the intrinsic value of their brand. In pursuit of the perfect glass bottle, they often engage expensive design agencies to create adventurous concepts. And limited only by their imagination, agencies do deliver, but at what cost when it comes to producing the bottle designed?

Without having a depth of technical expertise, packaging designers or brand developers generally have little grasp of how to.

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