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RockwoodGlass wins yet another Gold award at Craft Competition

RockwoodGlass has done it once again, another GOLD award! This one is from and
is for our Zing 72 Botanical GIN drink! Special thanks to the RockwoodGlass Bottle Design and Team, and also Craft
Competition International.





Lighter weight glass bottles

Glass bottles are slowly coming back on the market as a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles. Glass bottles also don't alter taste. Coke lovers will always say that Coke tastes better in a Glass Bottle than in plastic bottles or a can... 

Meet Rockwood Glass


Rockwood & Hines Group is the largest China-based, European-controlled glass factory and bottler for the premium spirits market, globally.  We have a wealth of experience in glass bottle production and specialise in custom bottle design and manufacturing of extra-clear super flint glass.

Bottle designers with DesignbyRockwood

Looking for a bottle designer. DesignbyRockwood is here to help you create the perfect design for your bottle. Should you be looking for a bottle designer for your water bottle, vodka bottle, perfume bottle or any other product, our bottle designers are specialised engineers in glass and plastic technology. This guarantees that you not only have an excellent and creative design but especially, you will not run into production problems when ready to start production.

Miniature Glass Bottles

Miniature Glass Bottles

Miniature glass bottles is an important part of marketing larger bottled products today. Indeed popular
brands get the word around by dispatching miniature bottles as samples in bars and in speciality shops.
It is mandatory now to have counter displays with miniature glass bottles usually of 50ml capacity
available to promote your product.

Glass water bottles

Cartons and Gift boxes

Beer Bottles


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