Established in 2005, Rockwood & Hines Group is a subsidiary of European based Rockwood Hines Ltd. This Asian-based arm of the business caters to the needs of global clients in the spirits sector for both their glass requirements, and as a cost-effective one-stop-shop solution that can provide customersí finished goods.

Due to its advantageous China based manufacturing, Rockwood has found a way to combine European management & experience with Chinese highly efficient manufacturing processes. Therefore you will enjoy cost effective services, fast and flexible production of the top quality glass bottles.

Rockwood & Hines prides itself for unequaled speed to market, demonstrated by glass sampling in less than 6 weeks, and new glass developments from concept design to mass production in less than 3 months.

Our combination of flexibility and versatility is a key to our success. When competitors are hindered by manufacturing limitations, inordinate minimum order quantities, Rockwood and Hines can accommodate relatively small orders without commanding a vast premium. Moreover, location in an Export Processing Zone enables further savings through avoidance of local duties on the import/export of alcohol.

Rockwood & Hines has a rich experience in glass bottle production industry and is a specialist of custom bottle design of extra clear Super Flint glass. The current client base is mainly comprised of Premium alcohol producers, giving top priority to brand image, design and distinctive identity.

The high quality production, flexibility, reactivity and competitive prices have projected Rockwood among the top glass manufacturers in the world. Many recognized European and American brands have chosen to produce with us already. We export to major companies in the USA, Europe, South America, Japan and Middle East.




Custom design super flint glass quality bottle

There are two different
types of hight quality

Super Flint extra clear glass, used for the production of bottles for Ultra Premium brands with retail price over 30 USD per bottle. Super Flint glass bottles give an ultimate look to your product and make it stand out on the shelf.

Flint clear glass, usually used for Mid-Premium brands.


Concept design development by professional French designers

At Rockwood & Hines we have an in-house team of professional French designers, specializing in bottle and brand design from scratch. Many American clients used the services of our designers to create their unique brand and successfully presented their products to the US market.

Only 6 weeks from concept design to bottle mass production

It takes at least 6 weeks the giant glass producing companies to produce a custom design bottle. Due to our flexibility and speed of operations we manage to do the same work in much shorter period of time, which saves our clients a great deal of time and money.


Price of mass production private mold from 3,800 to 4,500 USD

In Europe and USA production of a private mold costs a fortune, sometimes reaching the level of 25,000 USD per mold set. However, due to lower labor costs and flexible production, here in China we set the record minimum price starting at 3,800 USD per mold set. Our molds can produce millions of bottles and whenever they wear out we replace the mold with new one free of charge. The cost of mold is refundable after 100,000 bottles ordered.


Minimum order quantity for custom design bottles only 25,000 bottles

Rockwood & Hines sets the lowest MOQ requirements for exclusive bottles, only 25,000 bottles per run. That gives a great opportunity for the start ups and new projects to make a test run in the alcohol market.

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